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Fast-paced Czech Intensive Course Online A1 Finish SUMMARY

Fast-paced Czech Intensive Course Online A1 Finish TEXTBOOK

Česky krok za krokem 1 textbook

Lída Holá – Česky krok za krokem 1

The first part of the popular textbook of Czech for foreigners by Lída Holá.

In this course, you will cover the following chapters from the textbook: 9-12

Fast-paced Czech Intensive Course Online A1 Finish FAQ


  • LIDSKÉ TĚLO Irregular nominative plural verb forms; Personal pronouns in the dative and accusative; Accusative object-centred expressions; The prepositions pro, za, na; The human body; What do we look like?; At the doctor´s office; At the pharmacy
  • MÍSTO, KDE BYDLÍME Prepositions with the genitive; The genitive singular; Expression direction – the questions odkud kam?; The place we live; Eva goes from one job to another; Invitation to visit; Shops
  • NA DOVOLENÉ “Long” and “short” verbs of motion; Basic verbs of motion with the prefixes při- and od-; Prefixes and their meaning; On holiday; Travelling
  • TRADIČNÍ SVÁTKY Imperfective / perfective verbs; The future tense of perfective verbs; Traditional holidays; Cleaning up; What are your plans for holidays?

And here it is! The Fast-paced Czech Intensive Course Online A1 Finish is only a step away from reaching the A1 level of Czech! If you are considering this study program, it means that you have made a big step forward in Czech. For example, thanks to the Fast-paced Czech Course Online A1 Start and the Fast-paced Intensive Czech Course Online A1 Middle that we are now following.

As in the previous courses, you will be guided by our experienced teacher Lenka, with whom you will learn, for example, Czech verbs of movement, the issue of prepositions, perfective and imperfective verbs or a glossary related to the human body, travel and shopping.

The Fast-paced Czech Intensive Course Online A1 Finish is again spread over five working days  taking place online. Groups are composed of 3-7 students as usual. Upon successful completion of the Fast-paced Czech Intensive Course Online A1 Finish, you will receive a certificate confirming the achievement of A1 level.

Since the Fast-paced Czech Intensive Course Online A1 Finish builds on the previous intensive Czech course, it is assumed that the candidate should master the appropriate range of knowledge – for example, in the extent of the lessons 1-8 of the Česky krok za krokem 1 textbook.

Throughout the lesson, students are in contact with the lecturer via a web camera. All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet or computer. You do not need to install anything, just click on the link and join the lesson.

Please read the 5 brief rules that apply to the group courses of the SOLARIS Language School.

We guarantee a 14-day refund period without giving any reason. For the full wording see Terms & Conditions – 9. Refund and Return policy.

See basic information about the Czech Republic on Wikipedia.  Those interested in studying in the Czech Republic can find a lot of information on the website, while information about working in the Czech Republic is offered by the website of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Very useful information for foreigners living in the Czech Republic is provided by the popular portal.

Fast-paced Czech Intensive Course Online A1 Finish PROS & CONS

  • efficiency - very brisk pace of study thanks to 4 lessons per day
  • online – no travel hassle – study anywhere
  • lower price compared to individual courses
  • convenient learning
  • qualified teacher - significant progress
  • friendly approach
  • building confidence
  • fixed days and times compared to individual courses
  • other people studying with you

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See you in the group course of the SOLARIS Language School!

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