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At SOLARIS Language School, we specialize in teaching Czech for foreigners. However, we also offer courses in over twenty different world languages. Whether you are preparing for language exams, studying a professional language, or simply looking to broaden your horizons, our school provides group and individual courses that are tailored to meet your needs. Lastly, we offer comprehensive language training services for companies.

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In addition to the group courses, you can choose from our offer of precisely focused individual courses. Choose what type of course you need, click on the button below and fill out the non-binding enquiry form. We will get back to you and fine-tune the details. LET´S PLAN YOUR COURSE TOGETHER!

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When interviewing new tutors for our language school, we focus on appropriate linguistic education, pedagogical erudition, communication skills and sufficient professional experience.

Our Czech teachers are highly qualified native speakers. As a language of communication in teaching, they most often use English, Spanish and Russian. On request, we can also arrange lessons in other intermediary languages.

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Mgr. Karolina Wencelová, SOLARIS Language School, Managing Director
Mgr. Karolina Wencelová, SOLARIS Language School, Managing Director


SOLARIS Language School was founded in 2018 by Mgr. Karolina Wencelová as an effective, qualified language training facility. SOLARIS builds on the previous project of the Noisis Language School, which opened in 2003, and has gradually developed into a renowned educational institution. The Noisis portfolio consisted of a diverse range of courses with a choice of up to twenty-seven languages. In 2013, when Karolina took maternity leave, Noisis was transferred to a new owner after a decade of successful operation on the market.

SOLARIS Language School is a modern platform for organizing language courses intended for the both individuals and corporate clients. A constructive dialogue with the customer and an unconditional effort to meet his needs exactly in the spirit of the school’s motto Let’s plan your course together! is the basis for finding the optimal educational program at SOLARIS. Lessons are thus literally tailor-made for students to exactly match their ideas and goals, whether it is preparation for a state exam, learning a professional language or just improving conversation.

Czech is the flagship for the SOLARIS Language School. As a Czech studies specialist (graduated from the Department of Czech Language and Literature and Theory of Culture at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in 2004), Karolina Wencelová is well aware of the language barrier strangers coming to the Czech environment must overcome if they do not want to remain only on the surface. SOLARIS Language School aims at teaching Czech for foreigners and helps students open a gate to Czech social and cultural events.

The path to a successful and satisfied student leads through a qualified  teacher. Building long-term professional relationships based on mutual trust with teachers has become the secret of Noisis’ success and Karolina follows the same approach at SOLARIS Language School: “Teachers are absolutely crucial for the successful functioning of the school. I am interested in their qualifications, how they work, their motivation and the way they communicate. I myself have extensive teaching experience and I know how important it is that teachers are well rewarded and that our cooperation takes place in a friendly atmosphere. I think it brings tangible results and I am always pleased to hear that the teachers like to work for SOLARIS.”

A relaxed and conflict-free atmosphere is the general principle that characterizes SOLARIS Language School. In a friendly environment, it is easier to solve tasks, work, breathe, live… “I dare to say that teachers and students here appreciate the fact that SOLARIS is a sort of stress-free zone,” Karolina Wencelová, MD  says. Of course, even a relaxed working environment cannot replace rest and recharge your batteries. In such moments, Karolina devotes herself to her family, travels, does sports, is interested in modern art, listens to music and tastes quality wines.

At SOLARIS Language School we welcome new educational methods. Distance education and online learning therefore attach a key role to our offer. We still do our best to meet the individual requirements of our customers and find the best tailor-made solution for everyone. Our vision is to build SOLARIS Language School as a modern learning center, offering the highest quality and most effective language education for the both individuals and the corporate sphere.

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