We consider teaching Czech as a foreign language to be our specialty.

We offer the both corporate and private Czech courses as well as teaching a wide range of other languages. Our lecturers are available online, wherever you are, or in person in Prague and Rakovník.

SOLARIS Language School - teacher

Our teachers

When interviewing new lecturers for our team, we focus on appropriate linguistic education, pedagogical erudition, communication skills and sufficient professional experience. Our Czech teachers are highly qualified native speakers. As a language of communication in teaching, they most often use English, Spanish and Russian. On request, we can also arrange lessons in other intermediary languages.

We provide:

  • General Czech courses of all levels
  • Business Czech and English Courses
  • Professional courses of Czech and English for specific fields (medicine, law, etc.)
  • Preparatory courses for the official examination to gain Permanent Residence in the Czech Republic
  • Preparatory courses for the official examination to gain Czech citizenship
  • Preparatory Czech language courses for official access exams for Czech high schools and universities
  • A variety of language courses for children
  • Various language courses taught by qualified native speakers using English as a communicative language (English, Spanish, German, Swedish etc.)
SOLARIS Language School - students

We believe that learning the local language helps you to experience Czech culture to the fullest.