We believe that learning the local language helps you to experience Czech culture to the fullest.

You can find more detailed information below on all study options at Solaris Language School. We provide advice on choosing the right study form that suits you best. As we tailor each course to your specific training requirements, we ask the following questions before the course starts:


We need to find out how intensively you wish to study. This means how long you want the lessons to be, and how many times a week the lessons are to be held. We recommend the following based on experience:

  • Beginners should take lessons for 90 minutes or longer, ideally 2 or 3 times a week.
  • For our intermediate to advanced students a 60 minute lesson works well enough for some although we have found that 90 minute lessons are often more effective.
  • When learning online, two 60 minute lessons a week or more are considered the most effective.

Also, we need to know what days and times suit you best. Our teachers are available Monday to Friday from 7.30 am to 9pm. Weekend courses are also available upon request.


One-to-one courses are available as well as the opportunity to join groups of colleagues or friends. The size of the group is up to you but we strongly advise no more than 7 students.


Our teachers are ready to teach online, at your office or even your favorite café in Prague. We can also provide you with a classroom in Prague 3 for your private course for extra fee.

Our teachers

When choosing new teachers for our team we focus on specific education in linguistics, the art of teaching, communicative skills and rich professional experience. Our Czech language teachers are native speakers with an excellent education in linguistics. Our teachers can use English, Spanish or Russian as a communicative language in the lessons. Courses in other languages are also available upon request.


Once we receive all the necessary information from you, the next step is to sign the contract.


Our clients usually prepay the lessons planned for each month. Another option is the advantage of our discount system. Payment can be made by bank transfer or various employee benefit systems e.g. Sodexo, Benefit Plus etc.

Trial lesson

As soon as the contract is signed we need one week to arrange the course and set up the date of the trial lesson. The teacher will need to know the approximate level of the student. Non-beginners should complete a test. The conditions of the trial lesson are as follows: If a teacher is deemed acceptable to the student(s) the trial lesson is then counted as the first lesson of the course and it is charged according to our price list. If the first teacher needs to be replaced with another teacher the trial lesson will not be charged for.

Purpose of the course and a textbook

During the trial lesson the teacher should be told the students’ expectations from the course such as:

  • The study of grammar systematically.
  • The need to pass an exam.
  • Problems with starting to speak the language.
  • The aim to become fluent.
  • The aim to enrich vocabulary.
  • An employer requires their employee to reach a certain level, e.g. A2, B2 in accordance with the Central European Frame of Languages.
  • Interest in courses of using a language professionally for work etc.

After that an appropriate coursebook is carefully chosen.

Progress and evaluation

There is an option to set up the frequency of progress tests (e.g. monthly, semi-annually, annually). Based on the result of the test the teacher informs the student(s) about the level achieved. At the end of the course a certificate will be awarded proving the language level in accordance to the CEFR (Central European Frame of Languages).

Are you interested in individual or in-company course? Fill in this form please and we shell send you more information on the price by email. We much appreciate you to provide us with as much information as possible.

Contact form

Please let us know what you are interested in, what you would like to ask or make any comment that might help us to learn more about your aims before we get in touch with you.