„We started our cooperation with SOLARIS Language School in early 2019 having been organizing Czech courses for our foreign employees. Solaris always swiftly strive to find solution for our rapidly changing needs. Everything went smoothly even at the moment of „switching“ classes from the attendance into online mode virtually on the morrow. Our students praise the lectors for their experience, patience and creative approach to teaching.“
Senior People Operations Specialist, EPAM Systems, Inc.

As a part of our quality assurance, we ask students for feedback on different aspects of their course. All students fill in an evaluation feedback form before the end of their course. Here you can read some testimonials.

What our students said about our teachers…

"Lenka is an energetic person with a great sense of humour. She always knows all the idiomatic and colloquial expressions which make lessons fun."

"Marie is excellent teacher and easy-going person. She always tries to do her best in order to make lessons interesting and useful. She gives additional information and always answers our questions."

"Vlasta's skills, experience, patience and methods are very easy to follow, very clear and supportive. Without her nice way of explaining and presenting using good IT computer skills(!), being very communicative and supportive, I wouldn't have been able to learn so much, being a non-Slavic student and Czech being a really difficult and challenging language for me to learn."

"My teacher was excellent, very easy-going and with very good attitude and respect to the process of learning. I like his cheerful approach to teaching."

"The lessons with Valentin were fun and funny. He is friendly and professional."

"Jakub is the best! I expected what I got. Didn´t know much Czech but now I can talk and understand, wow!"

"Vendula is smiling, not boring, helpful. Great teacher!"

"Valentin is a good teacher with strong communication skills and language level. Helpful and polite."

"Jakub is a very positive and clever guy. Could explain everything. Very nice."

"Very satisfied with the teacher. Very open and friendly, the classes are interesting and fun, never boring. The teacher explains everything in a clear way, the lessons are well paced."

"Lenka is a very dynamic and open-minded teacher. I enjoyed our lessons and approach that was used during them."

"After the course with Vendula I understand native speakers and may express my mind."

"Our teacher Lenka is a nice person. Apart from Czech language she also shared with us some practical aspects of life in the Czech Republic."

"I really liked our lessons with Jakub and always waited for Mondays and Wednesdays when we had our classes. He is always friendly."