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Take communication in your business to the next level. Increase your employees’ confidence in dealing with business partners. We will provide comprehensive language training for your company’s employees.

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Setting learning objectives should be the first step in planning language studies for your employees. Is this an important extension of qualifications? Do you aim to overcome communication barriers in negotiations with business partners? Or do you want to make it easier for employees to integrate them in a different language and cultural environment, or to expand your portfolio of employee benefits?

Are you interested in general language or do you want to focus on a specific professional sphere? Do you expect results from the course as soon as possible, or do you want to give students time and rather avoid that the language study does not interfere with work obligations? All this should be considered when determining the type of course, setting the semester range and the length and frequency of individual lessons.

Distance learning, especially under the conditions of pandemic measures, has become a globally generally accepted and applied form of education. At Solaris, most language courses using communication technologies take place online, but we are also well aware of the advantages of face-to-face lessons and our teachers can also visit students at the headquarters of a company based in Prague.

As part of the comprehensive provision of corporate language teaching, we can divide students into groups based on entrance tests. To maintain the efficiency of the teaching process, we recommend a maximum of 7 students per study group, of course, taking into account your needs and requirements. We also provide individual and professional language lessons.

An integral part of the comprehensive provision of language courses for our corporate partners is regular testing of the progress achieved and individual evaluation of each student. Our courses are designed in accordance with the Central European Frame of Languages. All students receive a certificate officially proving competency at a specific language level at the end of their course.

Classes do not have to be paid for if cancelled up to 24 hours in advance.  Lessons are usually paid by bank transfer based on monthly invoicing (sent before by end of month). We accept various employee benefit systems e.g. Sodexo, Benefit Plus, Edenred etc.

We provide the following types of courses:

  1. General courses in the Czech language for all levels
  2. Business language courses in both the Czech and English languages
  3. Professional language courses (Czech or English) for specific fields e.g. medicine, law etc.
  4. Preparatory courses for the official examination to gain Permanent Residence in the Czech Republic
  5. Preparatory courses for the official examination to gain Czech citizenship
  6. Courses in various languages taught by qualified native speakers using English as a communicative language (e.g. English, Spanish, German, Swedish)
  7. Language courses for employees' children
  8. Language courses for Czech employees

We mention our teachers at various points on our website. The lecturer naturally has an absolutely crucial role in the teaching process, which we take very seriously at SOLARIS Language School. That is why we work with teachers who not only have the necessary qualifications and experience in the field, but also approach students in a friendly and empathetic way. We much appreciate their work. Our Czech teachers are native speakers. As a language of communication in teaching, they most often use English, Spanish and Russian. On request, we can also arrange lessons in other intermediary languages.

We love to travel and we are well aware of how knowledge of foreign languages can literally open doors and build relationships based on trust, get to know more and get ahead. We provide our corporate partners with a comprehensive language education service for a practically unlimited number of students, we offer a professional approach and friendly cooperation. We have experience in organizing language courses for hundreds of students. We will meet your requirements and find a solution exactly for you. Tell us your idea by filling out a short form below on this page. Let´s plan your courses together!

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At SOLARIS our goal is to help integrate international professionals into Czech society and increase their communication abilities in Czech and a variety of foreign languages.

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